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  • Class Mammalia
  • Subclass Placentalia
  • Order Perissodactyla
  • Family Equidae
  • Subfamily Euhippinae

A bekêna (plural "bekênêt" in Trade Tongue) is a medium- to large-sized domestic animal kept by some in the Trade Culture. A bekêna is about 1.25 meters at the shoulder, and 2 to 2.5 meters long, and weighs around 250 kg.

They are mostly kept as draft animals being bigger than gadlêt or dogs, but cheaper and more numerous than tsami. Bekêna are usually used to pull loads, not carry them directly. A bekêna can pull a wheeled load about 6 times their weight.

Bekênêt are widely known for their stubborn and sometimes vicious temperaments. In addition, while a bekêna can carry a large load on their back, they become increasingly nervous and aggressive when loaded with any significant weight. A bekêna will not bear a rider.

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